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Our Promise

The Freshness Keepers

All the elements of the JCS logistics offerings have been designed with one goal in mind, to preserve the freshness and the value of their clients’ produce.

As a company with a long history in the food business, JCS is highly sensitive to the unforgiving storage and handling requirements of chilled and frozen produce.

As such, we have designed a fully automated vertical cold store facility with stringent process protocols and highly responsive customer service to ensure that the produce that passes through our hands retains its inherent quality and value.

Our Vision

Jurong Cold Store seeks to create a world where perishable foods can live up to their
fullest quality potential in terms of Freshness and Value.

Our Mission

As the Freshness Keepers, we go to great lengths to ensure that the produce we handle retains its inherent quality.

Our integrated processes are designed to fulfill our clients cold chain logistics requirements with the highest efficiency and precision.

Our high performance mindset complements our state of the art cold storage facilities.

Our Values

Self-improvement Mindset  自我提升
We are always willing to learn and grow to do things better. 

We see Potential  专注于潜能
We believe in people and their potential, we are encouraging, have high expectations, set a good example, acknowledge the good of others and aim to give constructive feedback.

Quality Know-how
We want all our people to be experts in food quality and freshness.

Reward for Performance
Perishable produce must be handled with the highest level of precision and efficiency.