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We insist that our operations are maintained at optimum levels round-the-clock, no less. We have invested in state-of-the-art refrigeration compressors from Japan that run efficiently and reliably. These compressors monitor temperature in real-time, 24/7, with a dedicated and proactive in-house maintenance team. Our standby compressors and power generators are at hand in the event of repairs or contingencies. We are fully prepared and equipped to assure no downtime.

Advanced Vertical Facility

Completed in 2016, the JCS cold store facility is the first high-density warehouse of its kind in the region. At a height of 45 metres, the cold store is one of the region’s highest and provides significant operational efficiencies. Less energy is required to cool commodities, and goods retrieval can be done speedily. The facility is equipped with an oxygen reduction system, Singapore’s first and only, and this will reduce the amount of oxidation in the warehouse. Goods are better preserved and fire ignition risks, reduced.